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2012 HR & EEO in the Federal Workplace Conference

YGL President Dave Uejio will be speaking at the 2012 HR & EEO in the Federal Workplace Conference. Session Title: Finding, Training, and Retaining Next-Gen Professionals Description How successful has your agency been with next-gen employees? Have you found it challenging to even recruit them? Or have you been able to attract them, then spend months training them, only to have them leave just when they’re starting to show a return on your investment of time, energy, and dollars? What went wrong? Hear insights from next-gen professionals themselves. Learn what attracted them to public service and how they’re now applying their talents and choosing the best technology tools to attract — and retain — new next-gen feds.

Session takeaways

• Establish programs that engage the next generation of federal professionals
• Help managers better coach younger feds
• Create a culture that benefits employees of all generations

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