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Frequent travels enable me to view the world holistically. It helps with building and establishing long-term relationships that uplifts humanity.

Opportunities come to those who knock or kick the door down; and the consciousness to leave it open for others to build upon. It’s one of the ways to ensure that your initial concepts will never be outdated.

Remind yourself that your public service is appreciated even when the thought of working in government feels underrated.

Teach to mitigate the gap of ignorance across generational differences and create a working environment that supports the growth of your staff.

Understanding various rules & regulations is a must. Paying attention to detail seems as if there’s never a time to exhale, yet regardless of the time entrenched in the weeds, in the end you will prevail.

New management and leadership will occur from time to time. Keep your hopes high and during the toughest moments try to answer your why.

Agendas change as quickly as you can send an email. But it’s your ability to handle yourself under pressure that counts regardless if you make a mistake or fail.

Through failure we learn, change, and grow. If we didn’t exert our best efforts in the first place, the potential others see in us will never show.

Expectations are best when you draw them up yourself. Though having a mentor or a coach will always help. Just remember that you are the primary person responsible for your next step.

This piece was written by Steven Lucas.


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