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Government Employees – High Quality?

There was plenty of buzz surrounding the Federal government the last month and for many of its employees, it was a tense week of uncertainty.  “Will they or won’t they” was the question everyone watching the press coverage on the Hill wanted to know.  This was of course, in reference to

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Millennials’ Impact on Elections

This past election took more than a few by surprise.  Clinton was projected to win; the fact that she won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College only had a 10.5% chance of happening. And despite it being well past November 8th, we’ve yet to get used to the

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Social Media

OPM is Your New Social Media Follower?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is looking to pilot a program that will start incorporating social media posts into background investigations for security clearances. According to an article written by Jack Moore for NextGov, OPM already started market research on companies with software capability to search sites like Facebook,

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An Insight on the Thoughts of Millennials in Federal Government

Millennials have plenty to say about the federal government. Some of them are good, some of them, less so. The results of the joint Young Government Leaders (YGL) and Federal News Radio survey on their perspective on recruitment and retention provide a handful of takeaways. NOTE: There were 994 total

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