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Why Healthy Managers Make Better Leaders

Want to be a successful leader? Get moving!  Improve your chances of becoming a millionaire (who doesn’t want that?) because as it turns out, there’s a direct correlation between physical fitness and professional success.  These findings apply to both executives and other employees across the workforce. In fact, studies[1] have shown

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Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance: Balancing the Scale for a Healthier and Happier Life

No, this is not a discussion about weight loss, exercise or nutritious eating. Though important factors of a healthier and happier life, this conversation is about managing change to foster a relevant balance. Major events throughout our lives can tip the scales and at the end of this article, I

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Who Needs Sleep

Who Needs Sleep?

Sleep. We all know we need it. We all try to get enough of it. But according to Arianna Huffington’s latest book, The Sleep Revolution, most of us are not getting nearly enough of it. And even when we do get enough, the quality of our sleep is poor, leading

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