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YGL National Leadership Team


Want to be part of a fun, collaborative, and fast moving leadership team? If so, please submit your current resume to today!

Being a member of the YGL leadership team is a great professional development and networking opportunity to help you achieve your career goals, gain leadership experience, and to work with high achieving government employees across departments and agencies.

  1. Vacant positions for the YGL Leadership Team are listed on the "Open Positions" tab. You will need to submit a current resume.Once the Leadership Team receives your resume you may receive an interview request, most likely with the Executive Vice President that oversees the position.
  3. Following the interview you may be invited to attend the a YGL National Board Meeting (held 3rd Tuesday of every month in Washington, DC) via phone or in person. You will introduce yourself, talk about your background, why you want to join the board and what brought you to government. Please be aware if the position you are interested in requires you to live in the DC area.
  5. After the meeting the board will discuss your resume, interview, and introduction from the YGL National Board Meeting.  An official vote on your application will be held by those that would directly be responsible for the duties of your position.
  7. If approved you will receive an onboarding package and position description from our Chief Human Capital Officer.
YGL Leadership Team members spend approximately 5-10 hours a week (can fluctuate depending on area of focus, time of year, etc.). It is also expected that anyone in leadership attend the YGL National Board meetings in person or via phone and be engaged. We use Slack as an online, internal collaboration tool to facilitate sharing of information and asks from other board members.
  • Young Government Leaders (YGL) is recruiting its next President and Chairman. If you are a creative and talented self-starter looking to build the organization and commit to our vision, this position may be for you. Learn about the key roles, expectations, and logistics of the role here.