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YGL Institute for Public Policy (YGL-IPP) – Integrity, Impact, and Innovation

YGL-IPP Mission
The mission of YGL-IPP is to produce high-quality, objective research from a fresh perspective that has a positive impact on public policy in the United States.

YGL-IPP Core Principles

YGL-IPP has 3 guiding principles for all research efforts, which are: Integrity, Impact, and Innovation.

Integrity – Produce high-quality products that are un-biased and based on objective, independent research.

Impact – Provide a voice for our members on all important public policy issues facing this country by focusing on issues that have a significant impact.

Innovation­ – Conduct research that helps drive this country forward by looking at issues from a fresh perspective and providing innovative ideas and solutions to difficult problems.

YGL-IPP Research

The research function of YGL-IPP is divided into 2 Centers.  These centers produce articles, blog posts, newsletters, and participate in conferences and other speaking engagements.

Center on Government Policy
This center is focused on issues related to how government in the United States works and how it can be improve.  Some examples of research topics are: human resources, procurement, information technology, and budgeting.

Center on Economic and Social Policy

This center looks at economic issue facing the United States such as banking, personal finance, taxes, education, health care, trade, housing, and poverty.

Current Publications

Please visit our News page for all recent products YGL in the NewsA few of the most recent publications are:

Making the Most of Furloughs: 6 Survival Tips

Analysis: What Will Furloughs Mean for Young Feds?

Getting the Most from Your Training Budget – A Toolkit for Innovative Managers

YGL’s Presentation to the the Federal Managers Association’s 73rd annual National Convention and Management Training Seminar – Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Why You Should Get on Board the Mentor Ship

Operation Opportunity: How to Leverage Young Feds’ Attitudes to Encourage Retention

Charting Clearer Pathways Into Public Service

How to get involved

We are always looking for individuals who have an interest and background in these topics to join our team to conduct research, write papers, and speak about important public policy issues.  To learn more about how to apply to become part of YGL-IPP, please contact our director Tyler Robinson at


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