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Change Management in Government Settings: Appreciation Can Help

To say that ‘change is occurring’ in government workplaces is a massive understatement. In fact, the amount and extent of change that is underway is almost too much for people to process. Even though change is a common occurrence in the government sector, it is almost always viewed negatively. No

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Dealing With Administration Change

Many of us haven’t been in federal service long enough to live through a change in administration so we sat down with members who have. This interview with Mitsu Asher and Terica Scott offers perspective and advice to help you prepare for the change and make the best of your

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Let Young Feds Solve the Government Demographic Crisis

GovExec recently reported that the IRS sees a looming demographics crisis caused by low recruitment of younger workers coupled with an ever-growing share of its workforce eligible for retirement: 40% by 2018.  As Commissioner Koskinen put it, “…if we don’t have enough young workers in the pipeline, the IRS will

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